Welcome to new the Sadly Unfriended

I am proud to announce the launch of the new Sadly Unfriended website, after it went offline in late April 2015. Sadly Unfriended has been rebuilt from the ground up, with a new code base, a new fresh design and a tone of new features and performance updates.

So what's changed?

New Design

After almost two years, we'd though we give it a fresh new look, and work on the useability of getting the information you want - the people that have unfriended you.

How we perform checks

Facebook removed access for all Facebook applications to access a users friend list. Of course, this greatly affected us because that's how we used to check. Luckily, there was still away, but it's not as clean as comparing an ID value. We now perform our checks based on someone's name. So you may find that John Smith unfriends you, and Johnny Smithy has added you as a new friend at the exact same time.

Hiding Data

With the old site, you couldn't remove friends that you no longer wanted to see. We have now future proofed the site so we will be able to hide friends you don't want to see, or hide duplicates if you have a friend that always deactivates their Facebook account.

Account Upgrades

When you upgraded your plan, we never checked if your payment was successful, meaning some people were freelancing on paid plans when they haven't actually paid. We've now streamlined the payment process so you now need to make a payment to have your paid plan activated.

Better Performance

We are in the process of separating the backend for those on the free plan and those on paid plans. Because if you are paying for a service, it should work, and it shouldn't be slowed down because there are lots of people using it for free.

Deleting your account is easier

We got a lot of requests about users wanting to remove their account. We are going to launch a new feature that automatically sends you an email when you remove the Sadly Unfriended app from your Facebook profile.

So what happened to my old data?

For those who have been using Sadly Unfriended prior to May 2015, we were unable to migrate your data to the new site and have things run as normal. After testing, because we had to change the code to work on Facebook's Graph API V2, we found that user accounts were producing a high amount of inaccurate results.

So anyone who is using Sadly Unfriended, must sign up on the new site for us to continue checking your friends. We are creating a "migrated" section within the site, so you can check your friend list changes between the old site and the new site. We think this was the best option due to performance and usability issues.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send us an email using the contact form on the homepage.