Sadly Unfriended Outage - Please Read

It has come to a regret that I am required to temporally disabled logins, new sign up and friend lists checks for all users of Sadly Unfriended.

This is due to 2 issues:

Issue 1

Due to the increase popularity and growth of Sadly Unfriended, more than what I originally imagined, the current servers are not capable of handling such requests and I am in the process of moving the site the a better performing server.

Issue 2

Due to the changes Facebook has made, I am required to re-write the entire code base of checking friends, as Facebook no longer shares a list of your friends with apps as they once did. However, I have found a solution and I am just testing the site to ensure all the bugs are ironed out before I migrate all users to the new site.

This will come as a complete new site redesign and looking at your current friends, new friends, and unfriended friends will have a better user experience.

Facebook is enforcing these changes by April 30th 2015, and I hope to have Sadly Unfriended fully operational around this time.

What if I am on a paid plan?

If you have an active paying subscription (IE, every month you are paying $1.50 per month for the Fearful plan or $2.50 per month for the Stalker plan, please send me an email and I will perform a manual crawl to see if your friends list has changed until the site is fully back up and operational.

If you have any questions, please email me using the contact form on the homepage.

The Sadly Unfriended Team