Goodbye Sadly Unfriended

Goodbye Sadly Unfriended

After 5 amazing years and almost 100,000 users, I’ve made the hard decision to close Sadly Unfriended effectively immediately.

I am very disheartened that this shutdown was beyond my control and I would like to personally thank all those who have used Sadly Unfriended actively over the years.

Why is Sadly Unfriended Shutting Down?

The main reason we are shutting down is Facebook made us. They don’t like us, and have tried multiple  other times to close us down (one here, and one here), but I kept fighting back. After so many wounds, I cannot keep fighting this uphill battle against “the big boys”.

Even though this has been an incredible learning curve for myself, and a profitable business, I no longer have the time and resources to continue to actively develop and fight back.

Will Sadly Unfriended come back at all?

There is a possibility that Sadly Unfriended would come back in some form, but I can’t guarantee anything at this stage. I am thinking of opening Sadly Unfriended to those with Facebook Developers account, as per our latest “Fearful Plan” offering.

However, if there are any developers out there that would like to continue with Sadly Unfriended, please reach out to me as it is profitable.

I have an active paid account. What happens to me?

If you have an active account with Sadly Unfriended, you will no longer be billed for our service. If you have in recently made a purchase or paid a renewal recently, please contact me for a refund of any pro-rata amount.

Can I have a list of my friends list data?

If you would like a copy of your unfriended, refriend, and new friend data, you may request a copy. Although, a $10USD admin/process fee will apply. If you are eligible for a refund, you are able to substitute your refund for free access to your unfriend/refriend/new lists.

How much support is there for Sadly Unfriended?

Over the years, I have received many mixed messages from Sadly Unfriended. Some hate the idea, and some absolutely can’t live without using Sadly Unfriended. If you desperately want Sadly Unfriended to return, please Tweet me @jack_cola and use the hashtag #BringBackSadlyUnfriended

If there is support, I will be more inclined to continue development.

I need to contact you?

If you have a matter relating to Sadly Unfriended, please use the contact form on the homepage or email Please include your account ID (if you have it) with your email.

Otherwise, you can follow me on my website at or on Twitter at @jack_cola.

It has been a great journey, and I will reach out to you all when I am on my next adventure! See you then!