Facebook Hates Sadly Unfriended

For those who may have been trying to log into Sadly Unfriended since the 21st of July, well I am sorry to say.... Facebook doesn't like us.

The Sadly Unfriended website has been disabled by Facebook's automatic systems for apparently "creating a negative user experience that is in violation of our Platform Policies."

I am sure that all users of Sadly Unfriended feel that this website is creating a "positive" user experience as it offers a feature that the Facebook.com website does not offer.

However, it is to no surprise Facebook doesn't like "Who Unfriended Me" apps as the recently launched iPhone and Android app "Who.Delete.Me" was shut down for not using Facebook's Graph API. I would just like to say, we do use the Facebook's Graph API. Also in 2009, a Hungry Jacks (Burger King) Facebook App was banned by Facebook for getting a free Whopper if you delete 10 Facebook friends.

Facebook says we should be following these guidelines:

  1. Give people control over what they share through your app.
  2. Obtain consent from people before publishing content on their behalf. (FPP 2.1)
  3. Ensure that all content in the user message parameter is entered by the user. Donít pre-fill. This includes posts, messages, comments, and captions. (FPP 2.3)
  4. Do not misuse incentives by incentivizing people to post stream stories. (FPP 4.5)

But we do!

  1. You can choose what you share to us, in fact, we only need your email address, public profile information and a list of friends - we don't need, and we don't ask for any more personal information!
  2. We don't have permission to post any content on your behalf, so we defiantly comply with that!
  3. As above, we don't have access to post on your behalf, so we don't prefill any information
  4. We don't provide incentives to post stories - you guys do it because you think we are a useful service

So until Facebook reactivates Sadly Unfriended, unfortunately, we'll be offline. If you are a paying customer, I recommend that you log into your PayPal account and suspend your payments to Sadly Unfriended.

Our platform works, so if Facebook won't enable it, I may have to change how Sadly Unfriended works (again) by asking users to create their own Facebook Apps to use the Sadly Unfriended Platform. Facebook you won't stop us!